Lowe’s Rebate Center: How to Get a Lowe’s Rebate

Lowe’s rebate center is the best way to save money while buying home improvement items. When you use the Lowe’s rebate, you will get your money back when you purchase tools from this second-largest hardware store.

Therefore, in this article, we will inform you what Lowe’s rebate center is, the process of getting a Lowe’s rebate, and current rebate offers. Suppose you haven’t used this before, please check it after reading this guide.

What is Lowe’s Rebate Center?

Lowe’s rebate center is an opportunity for Lowe’s customers to get a refund of money used in buying items during a particular time of the year. The maximum household rebate amount is $500. Applying for the Lowe’s rebate can be done by mail or online.

Details for Lowe’s Rebate

You must have the rebate receipt to submit an entry for the Lowe’s rebate. This receipt has details you will enter when submitting your entry. They include:

  • Sale date
  • Location #
  • Invoice #
  • Offer #
  • Transaction #

Therefore, these are the details you will require to submit your rebate entry successfully.

How to Apply for Lowe’s Rebate Center Online

The online Lowe’s rebate center application needs you to possess a smartphone, PC, laptop, or tablet which has an internet connection.

Lowe’s Rebate Center

  • Click on the submission entry and enter the offer name. 
  • Continue entering the other details.
  • Then you will need to enter your contact info and review and confirm the details before submitting your entry.

How to Submit Lowe’s Mail-In Rebate

Submitting Lowe’s mail-in rebate is simple. First, get the rebate form and fill it out. Also, attach the form with your purchase receipt. After that, please submit it to Lowe’s through the address on the rebate form.

How to Get Lowe’s Rebate After Losing Receipt

Losing your receipt is not the end. Submitting a rebate is available; you only need to contact customer support at +1 800 445-6937. Additionally, you can log in to your MyLowe account to check your receipt.

Which Lowe’s Rebate Submission Method is Faster?

There are two Lowe’s rebate center submission methods online and mail-in. Suppose you want to receive your rebate faster; it is better to submit the entry online. Ensure you check your rebate status on www.lowes-rebates.com/en-us/RebateStatus every two weeks.

Note: Lowe’s will send your rebate cheque 6 to 8 weeks after submitting your entry.

What are Lowe’s Instant Rebates?

Lowe’s instant rebates are where you get cash back on selected items after completing your purchase. This rebate doesn’t require you to submit an entry online or via mail. In most cases, the instant rebate by Lowe’s is between $0.50-$350.

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How to View Current Rebates

Viewing current Lowe’s rebates requires you to visit Lowe’s official website. First, go to customer service and click on refunds. Then, on the rebate center, click ‘search rebate offers.’ Here you will get the latest Lowe’s rebate offers.


The Lowe’s rebate center is the best method to save on your purchases at Lowe’s. Therefore, make your home improvement project cheaper by using this offer. We hope you have learned how to submit an entry and check current rebates. If this guide has been helpful, write a comment to let us know.