How to Check Lowe’s Gift Card Balance Online?

Buying products necessary for your home revamp project requires you to shop from the best. Lowe’s is the best store to get your home improvement items. Use the Lowe’s gift card to make your shopping simple. Now you have your Lowe’s gift card, how do you check the balance?

Today’s guide will focus on how to check Lowe’s gift card balance. Additionally, we will inform you of more related to Lowe’s gift card.

Lowe’s Gift Card

How to Check Lowe’s Gift Card Balance

There are three ways to check your Lowe’s gift card balance. They include;

  • Online
  • Customer support
  • In-store

So, below is how you can check your gift card balance.


The following is how you check the Lowe’s gift card balance online.

Note: Locating your gift card number check at the back of your card. For the gift card pin, you must scratch the metallic strip.

Customer Support

Another way of checking your gift card balance is by calling Lowe’s customer support. The phone number of the customer support department is +1 800 560-7172. Follow the prompts on the call to talk to a customer support member. Ensure you have your gift card number and pin for them to inform you of the balance on your card.

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The final way of checking Lowe’s gift card is by visiting a Lowe’s store. In the store, go to a cashier and ask them to check your balance. Here you will be required to give the cashier your gift card or card number. They will enter the number and inform you how much is available on your card.

Additionally, in the store, you can go to the customer service desk and ask the employee to check your balance.

Types of Lowe’s Gift Cards

There are two types of Lowe’s gift cards. They are physical gift cards and e-gift cards. Depending on your needs, you can select any of these cards.

Where to Buy Lowe’s Gift Card

There are various places where you can purchase a Lowe’s gift card. However, we recommend you buy your gift card on or a physical Lowe’s store. To buy an e-gift card online, go to and select e-gift or mail. Next, select the value, quantity, and delivery options, and add them to the cart.

Lowe’s Gift Card

Complete the checkout, and you will get your gift card number via your email or phone through text. Suppose you want a physical card; click ‘mail’ and enter the required details. The gift card will be shipped to you.

Where to Use a Lowe’s Gift Card

Use your Lowe’s gift card when you shop at a nearby Lowe’s store or online.

Can I Reload Lowe’s Gift Card?

Lowe’s allows you to reload your e-gift card and standard card. To fill it out, go to the customer service desk at a Lowe’s store to add an amount to your card.

Does Lowe’s Gift Card Expire?

Even if you do not use your gift card for long, it will not expire. For example, suppose the gift card balance is $0 for three months. Then, Lowe’s will deactivate it as a security measure.