Lowes Holiday Hours – Lowe’s Opening and Closing Hours?

Lowes Holiday Hours: Does Lowe’s open its branches during holidays? When you want to buy home improvement products from Lowe’s, you should be conversant with which holidays hours. Unfortunately, this home improvement retail company doesn’t open on all holidays.

Therefore, you should know which holidays Lowe’s opens and close their stores. Below we will inform you about Lowe’s holiday hours.

Lowes Holiday Hours:

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What are the Regular Lowe’s Opening and Closing Hours?

During weekdays Lowes open their stores at 6 a.m. and closes at 10 p.m. This is the same time which all stores operate on Saturday.

On Sunday, Lowes hardware stores open at 8 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. However, some stores close at 7 p.m.

Therefore, you should check your nearby store opening and closing time. This is because the timing might differ, and they may be disappointed.

To check the opening and closing hours of your nearby Lowe’s hardware shop, go to www.lowes.com/store. Enter your Zip Code, City, State, or Store #.

This way you will know when the store will open and close.

Lowe’s Opening and Closing Holiday Hours

Here is a detailed table of Lowe’s stores opening and closing holiday hours. However, the Lowes holiday hours might differ depending on location.

Holiday Date Opening Hours  Closing Hours
New Year’s Day Saturday, January 1 Open from 6 a.m. Close at 10 p.m.
Martin Luther King Jr. Day Monday, January 17 Open from 6 a.m. Close at 10 p.m.
Presidents Day Monday, February 21 Open from 6 a.m. Close at 10 p.m.
Good Friday Friday, April 15 Open from 6 a.m.  Close at 10 p.m.
Easter Sunday Sunday, April 10 Open from 8 a.m. Close at 8 p.m.
Memorial Day Monday, May 30 Open from 6 a.m. Close at 10 p.m.
Juneteenth Sunday, June 19 Open from 8 a.m. Close at 8 p.m.
Independence Day Monday, July 4 Open from 6 a.m. Close at 10 p.m.
Labor Day Monday, September 5 Open from 6 a.m. Close at 10 p.m.
Indigenous Peoples’ Day Monday, October 10 Open from 6 a.m. Close at 10 p.m.
Columbus Day Monday, Oct, 10 Open from 6 a.m. Close at 10 p.m.
Veterans Day Friday, November 11 Open from 6 a.m. Close at 10 p.m.
Day Before Thanksgiving Wednesday, November 23 Open from 6 a.m. Close at 10 p.m.
Thanksgiving Day Thursday, November 24 Closed Closed
Day After Thanksgiving Friday, November 25 Open from 6 a.m.  Close at 10 p.m.
Christmas Eve Saturday, December 24 Open from 6 a.m.  Close at 10 p.m.
Christmas Day Sunday, December 25 Closed Closed
Day After Christmas Monday, December 26 Open from 6 a.m. Close at 10 p.m.
New Year’s Eve Saturday, December 31 Open from 6 a.m. Close at 10 p.m.

What are Lowe’s Store Features?

Lowe’s hardware shops have three main features that enable them to serve you efficiently. They include;

Professional Independent Installer: When you purchase home improvement products, you will get professional independent installers who help you fix your product.

You can always give your review about your Lowe’s store visit online at Lowe’s Survey Portal.

Military and Veteran Discount: Are you active in the military or a veteran? Then Lowe’s gives you a 10% off on all your eligible purchases.

Paint Color Matching Service: Lowe’s will help you match paint color. All they require is a color sample.

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  1. Buyer beware!
    Lowes Hawthorne is selling items at regular price that have missing parts. On 6/4/23 my wife and I were at the store to purchase a hanging planter which my wife had purchased in the past at another Lowes. All the planters were missing the hanging chain and hooks. This matter was brought to the attention of the garden center cashier and another male Hispanic employee who appeared to be in charge. The employee confirmed that the planter comes with the hanging chain and hooks. He suggested that we purchase another chain to make up for the missing item. I inquired about a chain given to us to make up for the missing item which we were going to be charged and or issue a discount equivalent to the extra chain we needed to purchase. The employee said that only Jackie the store manager could approve it. I requested that he page her. He did so, excused himself and walked away indicating he would be back. After 15 minutes of waiting with no assistance, I located the same employee who never returned to assist or check on us. I advised that we were still waiting for a response. He again paged Jessica and continued with other chores. We waited another five minutes and I again asked if Lowes expected their customers to buy a product with known missing pieces at the regular price and then purchase another item to replace the one that should be included with the planter. He said that it would be the only thing we could do. It upsets me that this employee did not care that Lowes was defaulting their customers who are unaware that they are buying items that are missing parts. This employee did not even attempt to remove the incomplete planters from the shelf. Extremely disappointed with this service and lack of care by this employee.


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